Tips for Surviving Dead Space

Dead Space is not a game for the light-hearted (especially on higher difficulty levels.) It takes surgical precision to cut apart the horrors of space, limb from limb. Not everybody will have the mettle to face their fears and do what it takes to survive, so if you want to live to see another day, these tips will be essential to follow.
Run Away
• Although running away from enemies may seem like a no-brainer for survival horror fans, those who are new to the genre may not realize that it is an easier way to get from point A to point B while also conserving ammo and health.
Sever a Leg First
aim for leg
• The necromorphs in Dead Space are significantly quicker than your character, Isaac Clark. To compensate for this huge difference in speed, it’s essential to remove at least one of their legs before going for the arm. This will ensure that the necromorphs aren’t quite as much of a problem, being that they’re only able to crawl, while removing a single arm will do nothing but agitate them.
Focus Your Upgrades on the Rig
• Although it’s tempting to upgrade  the powerful line launcher, or the automatic pulse rifle. there will be moments when there is no ammo available for a particular weapon, leaving all weapon upgrades useless. The RIG however, will always be in use, as there is no way to un-equip it, or trade it out for a different item. Upgrading the RIG will grant you with constant health, and result in surviving the Ishimura.
• A common trope of survival horror games is giving the player very little ammo. This makes the player feel tense and unprepared for whatever abomination lurks around the next corner. That’s why it’s very important to make sure to take whatever forms of defense the game does give you. Before moving on to the next area, take the time to explore every crevasse and corner to find each round of ammo, node, and health pack. It may feel tedious to do this rather than discover new horrors of the Ishimura, but it’s well worth it.

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